Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best phone cards to be used when calling the Philippines from the states?

I am having problems finding reliable cheap phone cards to call my friends in the Philippines, they either rip me off on minutes or the connection quality is poor. Any one know of good cards or web sites to purchase cards?

Best phone cards to be used when calling the Philippines from the states?
You can try epinoypinay. Gave me a clear connection and longer talk time when I used it (while I was in Long Beach, CA). Clarity of connection may also depend on the time you make the call.
Reply:Well you can also try other services out there besides phonecards Check out! They let you call to Sun, TM cell phones anywhere in the Philippines. Report Abuse

Reply:Best prepaid phone cards on the web are from NobelCom, no fees, no expiration, lowest rates. Report Abuse

Reply:i can guarantee that this site has the cheapest rates for phone cards. Report Abuse
Reply:Well, there are a telephone that have a cheapest rate at around. 2 pesos per minute only but I dont know the company. hehehe. I live here Baltimore.
Reply:Here is the best idea.

Get your family in the Philippines to get High Speed Internet. Then sign up for a telephone service through Skype or Vonage, and get a local USA number near your home. Then MAIL the phone adapter to the Philippines for your family to use. You can call them for free, they can call you for free. The small monthy charges for high speed internet and VOIP phone would be well worth it.

(don't forget the voltage convertor)

I took my Vonage phone adapter to Hong Kong last summer. It worked great.
Reply:Tipid Pinoy is great, but I have only seen those cards IN the Philippines (go figure right!). Other than that I have used super asia! and mega philippines. Mega philippines the calls are way cheap, Asia is a bit more in price, but less disconnects. Or you can just have someone buy you a smart buddy or globe prepaid sim card and some load cards, send em here and use the sim on an cell phone here ( i havent tested the sim card on a networked phone yet, so I think your best and safest bet would be using an unlocked fone and most are cheap and very nice :D). HOpe that helps you out some.
Reply:I use Nobelcard you can find them on your internet. They have many options available to suit your budget and the frequency of your use. Dont buy the ones you see in the store for $5 but you only pay $4. they are all rifp=off

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