Thursday, April 30, 2009

What type of store sells phone cards in the USA?

I have an elderly friend in the USA who is getting badly ripped off when she calls overseas by her phone provider. Can anyone tell me where she can buy phone cards that allow you to make international calls in New Jersey?

She doesn't have the net so can't purchase online, and I'm not referring to sim cards for cell phones.

What type of store sells phone cards in the USA?
first of all... what country does she want to call? an alternative to purchasing online would be to call and speak with a live operator and purchase that way. it's the same thing, she just wont have a physical card. and her home number would be recognized by the system when she calls the access number, that way she wont have to enter a pin number. also, only that specific number, or any other she chooses to add, will be able to use her account/pin number. when she uses up her minutes, she can call the live operator again to refill her account/pin number in any amount she wants to pay. some companies may have a minimum. i guess the only downside is that she wont be able to pay cash.

it's not a bad option, depending on what country she's calling. i personally am very cautious with purchasing minutes, calling cards, or prepaid anything because so many ppl tell me it's a scam and you can get ripped off very easily. However, i do know of two that are ok and have been around for a few years.

between buying a physical calling card or a "virtual" refillable one, i'd go for the latter. calling cards tend to have an expiration date and maintenance fees or inactivity fees. it's absurd.

let me know if you want more info =)
Reply:Wal-mart...Target...pretty much any department store...i always by mine at i can call my sister in another state...but they work international check out and then let her know...a 1000 minute at%26amp;t phone card is about 40 bucks...that like .06 cents a minute...but international rates are higher it doesnt say how much so her minutes will be used faster then if she was calling another state...but all phone cards are like i hoped that helped

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