Thursday, April 30, 2009

Which phone cards to buy to call from China to US?

I'll be in China for 10 days and am looking for a phone cards to call from China to US. I won't have a cell phone, so I'll call either from a hotel or from a phone booth somewhere in China.

Please send me your recommendations. I'm looking for quality and "guaranteed/proven to work" instead of the cheapest and having to jump through fires to make my first phone call.


Which phone cards to buy to call from China to US?
when you are in China simply go into a convenience store and ask for IP Card or at the hotel you are at they can help you, they should not cost more than about 30 RMB
Reply:here is the direct link:

you can use web call from 2.5 cents/min

and also regural line from 12 c/min
Reply:These guys have been rated number 1 calling card online .

They offer pinless dialing etc.
Reply:if you speak Chinese, go to any place that sell phone card, tell them you want to call U. S. from a hotel phone. They will give you the best one.
Reply:try these websites:

these are reputable websites. I purchased lots of calling cards from them. Choose a China-USA two way calling card like this one:

China to USA: 4.9¢

Good Luck!

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