Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do phone cards work with any phone?

Not just prepaid phones?

Do phone cards work with any phone?
Typically, Yes.

"Phone Card" is really just a term used to identify a type of long-distance calling service access.

Phone Cards are really a variation on "dial-around" long distance services, in which you by-pass your local long-distance carrier. Dial-around and Calling Card services usually offer substantially lower rates than your default long distance carrier.

Typically, to initiate calls through your Calling Card service, they provide you with an "access number". If the Access Number is in your local calling area code, it is usually a free call to the long-distance "gateway". Once in the gateway, you are then charged by the calling card carrier at their agreed upon rates. So, it doesn't matter if you call from home, work, cell, or payphone, or a 1-800 access number, your call will generally go through your calling card carrier.

But, of course be careful when doing this from cells and pay-phones. You still pay for the cellphone air time and the payphone local calling charges.
Reply:Read what is indicated on the back of the card, it should tell you if you can use it on any phone.

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