Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I use one mobile phone with two sim cards?

Hi, I've got a work mobile phone and a home mobile phone. This means that I have to carry around two handsets with me at all times and it's starting to get on my nerves. Is there any way for me to put two SIM cards into one phone?

Can I use one mobile phone with two sim cards?
Yes, provided that the sim cards are from the same carrier as the handset, or that the handset is unlocked. However, you cannot use both SIM cards at the same time. There is an adapter I used to see around on eBay that will allow you to put in two SIMs at once, but still you would have to select in a menu on the phone which phone number you wanted to use at any time. You could not use both phone numbers at the same time. What I'd do is I'd use call forwarding on one of my mobiles to forward all the calls to the other mobile. I do that with my work phone often so no matter whether they ring my work number or my personal mobile, they all go to the same place.
Reply:Yes, there is a way, you need 2 contact a cell technician and ask for a circuit that allows 2 SIM cards to work simultaneously in the same phone. Don't forget 2 check carriers compatibility with your phone model (band, frequency) and also you need 2 check that the phone is not "locked" by the service provider. Here in Uruguay, South America this is a common procedure so good luck whenever u are
Reply:Definitely! Check out for ghost dual sim cards %26amp; more products that you can use for 2 sim cards on 1 mobile.
Reply:I don't think they make phones that accept two SIM cards at the same time. What they do make are SIM cards that hold two numbers.

I have a TWIN card with Vodafone in Spain and I can switch between the two lines without taking the card out, simply by typing the PIN number for whichever line I want active. I can't have both on at once, but I have a free automatic divert from one line to the other, so people calling my "Private line" are patched through to my Business line " without noticing.

Doesn't do it for SMSs which is a real pain.

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