Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm traveling to the Philippines for 2 weeks. Should I get a prepaid cell or just phone cards? where do i get?

I'm going around the country but just want to make sure I have access to outside the country. Some people have said buy a GSM Phone and then buy a chip or I can just buy phone cards over there. I just want to prepare now than suffer the consequences if I have any problems. Any ideas?

I'm traveling to the Philippines for 2 weeks. Should I get a prepaid cell or just phone cards? where do i get?
your triband cellphone that is not locked to any carrier in your home country will work here.**
Reply:I recomend getting a prepaid calling card

These are cheap and a big company
Reply:i think it's better for you to buy a gsm phone then have a sim card, preferably globe sim cards. coz u'll be able to bring it anywhere you want. u'll have your access to ur friends and anyone u wanna contact anytime and anywhere, besides globe network offers a lot of services for you to have ur overseas calls and international calls cheaper!
Reply:I have a T-Mobile service and whenever am in the Philippines I have no problem calling or receiving calls from the US. I have a cheap Old Nokia Phone with nor frills or thrills and it works fine. Just be prepared to pay high rate for the call somewhere in the 3 dollar range per minute.
Reply:The best thing to do is, go to your cellphone provider and tell them you are going outside the country and ask for the roaming services. But first see to it that your cellphone provider is capable to have a roaming service in the Philippines.

Or you could buy prepaid simcard and cellphone in the Philippines. Get the Globe or Smart simcard. It's reliable
Reply:Just rent an international phone here in the US, and turn it in when you get back. I believe you can get them through AAA, and I'm pretty sure most of the major phone companies (Verizon, etc.) offer them as well. That way you can call whenever you want, get calls if you need to, and you're not stuck with an expensive phone when you get back.
Reply:get a cellphone and a gsm sim card. Its quite cheap here in manila. some shops also sell second hand cellphones. Try going to greenhills or SM malls in Manila.
Reply:A prepaid sim card would do and it's cheap too!
Reply:Once you're in Philippines you can purchase a GSM Triband mobile phones and open it for Global Roaming so that you can use it not only here in Philippines but to any country too like US, Canada, Singapore, HK, Japan, Australia, etc.


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