Monday, May 11, 2009

Where do you purchase phone cards?

I mean what store do you go to. And once you go to that store can you pay in cash?

Where do you purchase phone cards?
I buy them on-line, so I can compare the prices and minutes, but Wal-Mart has very good prices, and all warehouse type Costco and BJ's...
Reply:Walmart,CVS,walgreen almost everywhere.You

can pay cash or credict card.
Reply:Today, you can get phone cards almost anywhere in the country, at grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores (Walgreen's, Long's , Rite-Aid) , liquor stores, Radio Shack and computer stores, department stores (Wal-Mart, Costco,Target), gas stations, and so forth.

And yes, you can pay cash. Most people probably do.
Reply:hey burnette, of course they take cash in stores. any stores. haha.
Reply:yoi can but phone cards abywhere. Wal mart is the best places.
Reply:Rite Aid,the gas station,CVS
Reply:7-11 or other convenience stores


Drug stores

You can pay in cash.
Reply:Go to any Nasty Indian Stores. They provide the cheapest phone cards.
Reply:I buy mine at wal mart
Reply:try to use online services as this

save your time ;)
Reply:Walgreens,Walmart,Target,Bestbuy,Gastati... Yes you can pay in cash or creditcards
Reply:I bought calling cards on the store and paid in cash.

Now I buy calling cards online and not paid in cash.
Reply:For ethnic phone cards, "im assuming" go to a supermarket that sells it. For example, asian, asian store, mexican, mexican store, american phone cards, i do not know. and you can pay in cash. Just ask for a 5 dollar or ten dollar phone card, then pay for 5 or 10. Unless there is a discount. No tax. For asian atleast.

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