Monday, May 11, 2009

Which website sells the cheapest phone cards for calls from Alaska?

MCI has decided to call it quits in Alaska, and they were very affordable. Now I'm faced with long distance within the state at $0.15/min or more. Are there any below $0.05 for nationwide calls from Alaska and within Alaska?

Which website sells the cheapest phone cards for calls from Alaska?
If you can get Yak, calls to Alaska are 5cent/min.

InPhonex VoIP rates are 2.5 cent/min, but their 1-800 Calling Card access adds 4cent premium for total of 6.5 cent/min to Alaska.

Pingo calling card calls are 3 cent /min to Alaska.

Check my CQ VoIP Call web site for more info on Calling Card services (you can find the link in my profile).
Reply:This is the only phone card link you will ever need.

2.9c is the cheapest from Alaska to anywhere in the US.

Time Dial searches the top sites for phone cards. It is the only phone card site that calculates and compares the full cost of calling cards including all rates fees and surcharges.

Answer 6 questions and it tells you how much a phone card will cost you for a given period with your stated usage. This way you get the minutes stated.
Reply:Try International Phone Card Review as well.
Reply: One of the best services around and I've used lots and stuck with them. Great rates, excellent quality, and no fees whatsoever. They are also giving away free minutes when you sign up.

Highly recommended.

Beware of phone cards with very low rates. Along with the low rates comes very poor sound quality and hidden fees.

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