Monday, May 11, 2009

Mobile phone able to take multiple sim cards?

My first question here!

I'm interested in getting a mobile phone that takes multiple SIM cards, so I don't need to carry two phones whilst traveling (or keep swopping cards on one phone). This feature is even more important to me than high-tech stuff like camera. Can anybody make any recommendations?


Mobile phone able to take multiple sim cards?
You can buy any brand of mobile phone of your choice. There is actually a double card for SIM cards available in the market. I bought my double sim card way back in 2004. It is called the "King of double card". Read the intruction, it's very easy to use.
Reply:Look on E Bay for the CECT 168, a quad band dual sim card I phone knock off, it's not a bad price too !
Reply:my mate had one he brought in italy, it could hold 2 sims at the same time from dif networks, you just switched them on the screen menu.

that was 5 years ago %26amp; I have never seen one since.

is that what you mean, or do you mean you want an open phone not tied to a network,
Reply:what is your phone number

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