Monday, May 11, 2009

Going to Europe, where can I get phone cards and exchange for Euro’s.?

Going to Europe, where can I get phone cards to call back to the US and should I just get Euro’s over here or use my bank card and get them at a ATM there. Going to Rome from the east coast.

Going to Europe, where can I get phone cards and exchange for Euro’s.?
You can get an AT%26amp;T phone card at WalMart. It tells you how to call from other countries and the diffrent rates.

If you have a Debit card that would be best. You can get money from the ATM or use it right at the stores.

I was there in June for a week. loved it.

DO NOT DRIVE while you are there, very scary. As a matter of fact try not to take a taxi during the day when its busy. The buses, train and the subway are the easiest. The subway will get you to all the big tourist spots and with in walking distance of the others.

My wife and I were there for our honeymoon. Walked all over the place and had a week pass for the subway. It was great.

Hope you have fun.
Reply:Atm is the best place to exchange your money. Then you don't have to worry about carrying it all with you.
Reply:In certain big cities in Europe, you can use your credit card to make a call at the pay phone. But you can buy phone cards right there at snack stores in the airport or at convenience stores in the city.

If your debit card has a Visa/MC logo, you can use it pretty much everywhere to get food, shop, etc Don't carry cash in a foreign country especially since Visa/MC is accepted everywhere. If you have to have cash for certain stores, withdraw 20-40 Euros at a time from the local ATMs. Don't keep extra cash on you unnecessarily. On your way back, you will see exchanges at the airport departure lounge. If you have cash left over, get it changed back to dollars.
Reply:No idea on the phone cards, I carry an international cell phone.

ATM are almost always your best bet. They have the current exchange rate and most do not charge extra for the conversion to local currency.
Reply:Hi, I was in Rome in January, you're going to love it! I got phone cards at the shops there , they sell newspapers, and snacks etc and they have phone cards, the 5 euros ones gave me tons of minutes, it seemed to give more minutes if you use it from your hotel room (they have instructions on the back) and not as much minutes when using a pay phone. I changed over about $75 when i got to the airport, just to have some cash, and used my debit bank card to get more money when I needed it and also just used it as a credit card most the time. Using your ATM gives you the best exchange rate.

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