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Will cell phone SIMS cards fit other brands of cell phones?

In other words, are cell phone SIMS cards interchangeable in different brands of phones?

Will cell phone SIMS cards fit other brands of cell phones?
no there not.

depends on alot of things like if there from the same companies for example nextel sim cards can be interchangeable with other nextel phone nothing else
Reply:Sim cards are all the same. The phone must be unlocked in order for it to work!
Reply:Yes it will you just have to make sure that model is unlocked to work with all services.
Reply:Yes. As long as its a SIM acceptable phone.

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module

CDMA - Code division multiple access

SIM cards are currently only interchangeable between 2 national carriers. ATT (formerly Cingular) and T-Mobile. Most other carriers use CDMA phones. (US Cell, Sprint etc...)

Typically only SIM controlled phones are capable of using a SIM card. Although lots of companies make both types of phone (CDMA and SIM) it is best to reference the phones features to see if it suits your needs.

Here is a link to help:
Reply:yeah it depends on what kind of phones they are. i wasn't able to put the sim card from my nokia phone into my new motorola phone.
Reply:I know that you can take sim cards out of one phone and put them into other phones. I don't think the brand matters. For instance, if your phone was to die and you needed a number for one of the contacts in your phone but could not charge it, you could take out the sim card and put it into some one else's phone and view all of your info. You can even make a phone call on the other persons phone, and the minutes you use would be billed off of your plan, not theirs. Just make sure the new phone you want to switch to takes sim cards. The phone carrier determines whether or not you will have a sim. Alltel and Verizon do not use sim cards, while T-Mobile and At%26amp;T do.
Reply:They will fit other phones but may not work,this is due to phones being blocked to one network,it is possible to get the phone unblocked.
Reply:If you get an unlocked phone, or have your phone unlocked, yes you can interchange your chips. You can do simple surveys online like i did, and get a free iPhone and unlock it really easy with Jail Break Unlock for the iPhone.
Reply:Some SIM cards are proprietary, however most will work with any phone. If you purchase a SIM in USA, it will not work in Ukraine and vice-versa.
Reply:it will it just depends on the phone

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