Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can calls made with a phone card be traced?

So You buy a 100 min calling card and call with the calling card froma pay phone--- traceable?

Can calls made with a phone card be traced?
no....just go right ahead!!!
Reply:depends... if this is a prepaid card, and called from a payphone that the phedz are not monitoring, then no.. the number you call is not going to come up on the phones outgoing call record, but the call to the access number will.. and if the phone is being monitored, and they see you make the call or whatever, they can seopena the records from the calling card company and get the information that way.. also,, if the person you are calling is being monitored, or tapped, then there incomming calls may be logged, and the callid for the call on there end will be the payphone..

(edit) if you use a call card, use cash to buy it, as it will be less likely to tie you to the purchace of the card..
Reply:Ok. What are you hiding? Usually it comes up as a different state and town calling. I think it depends where the card was created. I know someone in Nebraska that calls and it comes up Colorado.
Reply:There are maintain services for some phone cards. If your card is alike, you can request Call History records from Card's Customer Service: Calling Dates, From-To, Duration, and Charges. To learn more about calling cards visit International Phone Card Review
Reply:Depends who you ask, and what card you use. When I use my AT%26amp;T calling card to make a call, my ACTUAL home phone number shows up on their caller ID. This seems to be a new trend with phone cards. Previously, my card used to show a number from Atlanta, GA. No more!! I would suspect many phone cards from a payphone would also show the pay phone number. Why use a pay phone? There is an EXTRA charge to use a pay phone with a calling card!!!

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