Saturday, May 22, 2010

What is the cheapest pre-paid phone card in the US?

I need to buy a card. I am looking for the cheapest one to make calls from the US to the US. This is not a card for a celphone, is a card to be used from a regular phone. I will really appreciate your help.

What is the cheapest pre-paid phone card in the US?
Try getting one at your local Sam's Club. If you have a membership, they cost $0.347 per minute. More if you call from a pay-phone or outside the US. Work great from any land-line phone, either business or private home. Can also be recharged either on the phone or at any Sam's Club store.
Reply:Depends on how you use the card. If you going to use all of the minutes up on one call, seek the el-cheapo cards from the party stores that sell to the lowest form of society. Weave yourself past the drunks and crack heads, and you'll find the owner has a stock of phone cards for sale. These cards I've found out to be very bad as in wanting to make multiple phone calls, and they'll charge you the longer you don't use the card. These cards are only good for the one long phone call.

For multiple phone calls....

Dollar General - They go through Sprint, and any card with sprint logo is very secure. For $10, I get 250 minutes, with no fee for each call, and it expires August 2005, and I activated it last month.

I have yet to find a major phone carrier that is cheaper for any phone card.
Reply:At, you can buy a calling card called Mega Clean %26amp; Stable, the rate to call within the USA is 1.8 cents per minute, that´s the cheapest one I´ve found and it is quite good.
Reply:Well the lowest iv'e seen was only $10 dollars for virgin mobile but u must pay with a credit card...

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