Monday, May 17, 2010

Can you buy a long distance phone card for a landline phone online?

I have no way to get to the store to buy a long distance card for my landline phone and I have no long distance. Is there any way to buy a long distance phone card online with a credit or debit card? Any that are actually legit? %26amp; that will give you the information to place the call right away?

Can you buy a long distance phone card for a landline phone online?
Here is card that i using for 5 years 1.9 cents a minute without any fee or tax

you can switch your long distance phone call to this company and pay as you use without dialing any access number. There is no monthly charge if you spend over $20.00(can't remember exact amount) a month or sign up for paperless for no monthly charges.

You are able to see what numbers you call and for how long by log in your account on line and the price is RIGHT.

When you need customer service, they speak English if you know what I mean.’s search tool helps you find the best calling card rates or best phone cards of your choice.

You can compare competing domestic and international calling card prices and find calling cards using free phone card comparison tool to lower your calling cost.
Reply:Yes, there are websites where you can buy prepaid phone cards to use with your land line. The site below has some good rates no matter what country you're in or what country you want to call.
Reply:yes!!! that's the only way I do it!!


and make sure you get your 20 min free!! coupons for pingo etc.

yes...I pay with a credit card.......and used this service for over 5 will be able to place calls right-a-way!!

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  1. Pingo is good website, you can also use calling cards