Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phone cards for a friend going to iraq?

I want to buy a phone card for a friend going to iraq..

where can i purchase one?

how many minutes is appropriate/affordable?

from which company should i purchase? (which company has the best deals/quality?)

Phone cards for a friend going to iraq?
My boyfriend was in Iraq and is now stationed in Germany. He recommends that I use a phone card called "CTA Africa" for five dollars. That's how I stay in touch with him overseas. I get them from almost any gas station. There are others available there but I've never tried them.
Reply:It depends

i think you should call a special store or something

i really hope i helped

i live in houston

i call my dad in paris

from an international card

its called houston

you just call a numer and enter a pin

and i think it gives you like 35 min to talk.

thats what i use.

but each card cost money.
Reply:this is a website you can find the best military calling cards at good rates-
Reply:well you can buy them a lot of places. I would suggest buying one at a convience store that works world wide. my experience is the ones they sell on base/post or at wal mart are not as good of a deal! make sure you read all the info on the back of the card though b/c some charge ridiculous connecting fees and such!
Reply:Try this
Reply:Go to RadioShack, buy the sprint ones.

Good Prices too!

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