Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best phone cards to call Iraq?

I have been buying different NYC calling cards and they average about 18cents a minute $5 for 30-40minutes. Is this about the best rate there is? I saw Sprint cells phone cards, does anyone know anything about them? I bought a $20 card off of nobel.com, what a RIP OFF. With the processing fee it was $22 for 1 hour.

Best phone cards to call Iraq?
the best i found was callingcards .com I am not trying to sell you on this but this is what i found. It is cheaper for the soldier to call you if they get a spawareurope card. I think it 2.5 cents a min and no connect fee. Again the soldier would have to call you.
Reply:This is the only phone card link you will ever need. You can compare Nobel cards to the others


Time Dial searches the top sites for phone cards. It is the only phone card site that calculates and compares the full cost of calling cards including all rates fees and surcharges.

Answer 6 questions and it tells you how much a phone card will cost you for a given period with your stated usage. This way you get the minutes stated.


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