Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the best prepaid phone card that can easily be recharged?

I am looking for a prepaid phone card that is easily rechargeable and at very affordable rates. I would like to use this phone card primarily for calls made to in the United States from a state to state call. I do like to use the cards for a long distance phone calls.

What is the best prepaid phone card that can easily be recharged?
I like onesuite.com I even use them abroad....there have them most access-numbers all over the world....all my friends and family member have it too...you also can use there softfone!


but is you are in the US....use this Iowa firm to make LD calls totally free...no catch..


you also can use voice.yahoo.com

which is very cheap too...call/in/out...

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Reply:I like the AT%26amp;T phone card from WalMart. Also, you might want to consider a Tracfone - learn more at http://www.tracfone.com The phones are cheap ($15) and the minutes are too if you are not using to chat for hours.
Reply:Phone cards to USA - Continental from 0.6¢/min when calling from USA - Continental -%26gt; http://speedypin.com/phone/cards/USA%20-...

I suggest the 'Just Call' phone card -%26gt; http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/...

No fees or taxes!
Reply:This is the best card. No PIN,tax,fee +bonus


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