Monday, May 17, 2010

Do credit card people offer preapproved credit cards over the phone?

they asked for my mother's maiden, my ss#, how much income i make and stuff.

Do credit card people offer preapproved credit cards over the phone?
Yeah that's bad one should never give out ss# or bank account numbers over the phone. This is how people get their identity stolen and then the bad guys get credit cards using your information and kill your credit. If you know the name of the company that contacted you I would call them back, they should have given you a number to call. If not then call the Better Business Bureau in your area and ask them about it. If the person who called you said they were with a bank, then find the number of the bank and call them and check it out. If this was a scam you need to get started on dealing with this now. If you gave them any of your bank information you need to go and close the account and open up a new one with a different account number. You can call your bank and ask for help about what all you need to do to try and stop this. I have never heard of a prepaid credit card. Good Luck!! I would get on this tomorrow. The sooner the better.
Reply:I told them "I DO NOT GIVE OUT MY ss# over the phone! they said well just give me the last 4 numbers of your ss# i said i can do that after I check them out on the net while talking to them. They wear not a scam.
Reply:not unless its a SCAM,

dont give them any info,
Reply:no no no no!!!!!!!!!!

They can not give you a credit card without your signature, of course they can't do it over the telephone!

I hope you did not turn your financial identity over to them!
Reply:I hope you didn't give them any personal info. You never know who you are talking to on the phone. There may be credit card companies offering cards over the phone, but there are a whole lot more scams out there.

Never buy anything from a stranger on the phone or at the front door. You'll avoid all sorts of problems.
Reply:Never never never give out any information on the phone.

If you did give the information, go to this site for further action:
Reply:Dont panic. They should have given you an 800 number. If not email the card company. Please tell us it was one of the big name kind. Email or call your MOTHER and let her know this information .

General rule of thumb....

Never release any of this info over the phone!

Reply:its probably a scam so i would be careful
Reply:I seriously hope that you DID NOT give out that information. The Social Insurance #, That is a BIG No-no. YOU NEVER GIVE THAT OUT, EVER! They have instant access to government files about you.
Reply:You made your first mistake by handing out your ss#. Never do that as it could ruin you and your credit. So do not accept it and tell them if they ever call back you want your so called information returned to you. This is a scam in a way. So never give out all that information as it is not necessary. To get a good card go to a bank and get one and they will give you a proper one.
Reply:yes they offer if you call them. But i will not suggest you giving that info to them if they called you. You should only give it out when you can and you know the number is accurate number


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