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How do I find a phone card to call a cell in Lebanon?

I have a friend who lives in Lebanon and I always miss her calls when she calls me. My cell phone doesnt allow me call her back for whatever reason. So I need to buy a phone card but the more I look at them the more I am confused. Do I need an international one and will any international one work or do I need a specific kind? I really know nothing about this so any information would be very helpful. I know calling a cell phone is more expensive than a land line, but does that affect the kind of card I need?

How do I find a phone card to call a cell in Lebanon?
Sounds like you need an International Phone Card. Make sure that it is region specific, as this will insure that you get the best rates. In your case, you'll need a Lebanese phone card.

Here are some things to look before you purchase:

1). Is there a connection fee -- if so, how much is it

2). What is the billing increments? Try to find one that is billed by the second or minute. Some cards are billed every 4 minutes, so even a 1 minute call will still cost $4!

3). What's the expiration date?

4). Are there any hidden fees? Some cards quote a large number of minutes based on variables that they don't tell you about. Basically, you need to determine the "clean rate".

Here's a very good company with the highest quality cards around:
Reply:Compare and find the best deal at

Rates from USA to Lebanon, US currency

Best rate is 7.2 ¢/min

Rates to Lebanon Cellular are different. Best rate is 16.3 ¢/min Report Abuse

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