Monday, May 17, 2010

How does a pre-paid phone card work with a cell phone plan?

I have a cell phone plan but I am out of minutes on that plan so i bought a pre paid phone card.. if I call the number on the back of the phone card from my CELL will i get charged additional minutes over?

How does a pre-paid phone card work with a cell phone plan?
The prepaid card will give you an local access number to call which separates it from your pl;an. But depending on if your own plan allows free local calling or not, you still may be charged for the amount of time used. Check your plan. Usually weekends are free or off peak hours like after 8:00 pm and before 7:00 am.
Reply:I would say most likely yes. I would call from a landline if possible. Cell phone companies charge every minute even to call your voicemail unless you have free mobile to mobile. If your going to call on your cell phone do it on a night or weekend.
Reply:I am gonna answer your question, but please anwer mine. What does this have to do with cleaning...?

You purchase a pre paid cell phone too you cannot just use your current phone.
Reply:I used a pre-paid phone card when I needed to call overseas.

The most economical way to use the card is from a land line when you get a free call to the 1-800 number on the card and then you pay for the overseas bit (deducted from the card).

You can use the card with your cell phone but you may need cell phone minutes to call the 1-800 number depending on your plan. So in this instance you maybe pay for the 1-800 number (on your cell phone plan) plus the overseas number (on the card).

You can use the card from a public phone. Although you are calling a 1-800 number they will deduct an astronomical amount of minutes from the card for the 1-800 number plus you pay for the overseas bit (on the card).

I've never tried calling a US number with the card.
Reply:what do u think

that's what i use for my cell
Reply:call from a land line and ask them how it works with their company
Reply:To be honest those cell phone prepaid card are a rip off. You get so little minutes for your money, and you don't get free weekends or evenings. Go to the local wireless store and get a prepaid plan there, you'll get better service!

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