Monday, May 17, 2010

2 sim cards alternating into one phone?

I have a Sony Ericsson 700i and its a triband. I am under T-Mobile USA and am planning to get another carrier called Globe, from the Philippines, and its a prepaid. I can't find my old phone so I am wondering if it is possible for me to use the two sim cards alternatively like I would put the t-mobile during the day here in the US since it is night in the philippines then the globe sim card at night because it is day over there. What problems would I run through? Complications to the phone and the data? Thanks a bunch.

I did search here about this but couldn't find the answer I want. I read about the dual sim card device though.

2 sim cards alternating into one phone?
the sim card stores your address book and also has the phone number

so if you change sim cards it is like it is a different phone

phone number and bill for sim card #1

phone number and bill for sim card #2

does one of your cards have cheap calls to the philipines?

so you wuld put in the card to call there?

that sounds like a pain to change sim cards twice each day

most people just take the sim card with them on vacation, and use it there
Reply:I was able to do that on my old phone, a Motorola, in the UK on pay as you go but it seems to vary from phone to phone about the availibility of doing this and when I changed sim it deleted my call records and text messages

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