Monday, May 17, 2010

Need help with international phone card /calling cards?

..i am travelling from amsterdam,netherland to usa and i need some info on best international (ams) calling cards from which i can make calls from usa with best rates and service .and validity for atleast 1mon...and which i can buy online or from usa......

can somebody pls help me i m new in using phone cards


Need help with international phone card /calling cards?

I travel back and forth from the USA to Europe, and I use for years now!!!

you will get a free toll access number, and then just dial and talk....its cheap....easy and cool!

no access fees....I use it for many years now....
Reply:Obviously you need to visit International Phone Card Review. They take the children across the street successfully
Reply:Would it be an option to use a PDA/Laptop with Skype (and a Wireless Hotspot, ofcourse)?

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