Monday, May 17, 2010

Can you only use track pre-paid cards for a trac phone?

or can you use other prepaid phone cards on a prepaid trac phone?

Can you only use track pre-paid cards for a trac phone?
Yes, I have a tracfone, and I love them, because I dont get a bill in the mail, and I'm careful to make sure to buy more before I get low, on minutes!! You can also add your minutes you buy at the store online, and end up with 20 more minutes doing it this way.. I add mine %26amp; my kids minutes, online.. so we all get more for our money.. There the "Greatest fone, for those of us, who aren't wanting an additional bill added to our stack!!!" And also for those people such as myself, who just need it, for one the "Go" and for just simply checking in with my family while I'm out!! Those sort's of things, for that I "Swear by them!!" But for people who do alot of talking and like the whole camera thing, and or other features that the tracfone's dont have their are other companies.. But, I feel those sort's of phone's are strictly for people who have busy "Social Life's, or have alot of money to waist!!" Otherwise, the only way to go is with the tracfone!! Smile!! You wont regret your decision!! And for adding minutes via/your computer... log onto Luck to you!!
Reply:The government most likely, they can just about find out just about anything on you nowadays

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