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What phone companies can you swap over Sim cards?

What phone company can I put any network sim card in

I know I can't Orange or T mobile I would have to unlock the phone as they are locked to the particular company but there are some that you can just swap and it work on that network

I ask because I am going to go travelling in about 8 months and my contract is due to expire soon while travelling I will be given a Vodaphone Sim card to put in to my phone but I don't want Vodaphone right now as they are not that good

Any help would be great thanks

What phone companies can you swap over Sim cards?
you will prob need to go to a market to get a phone unlocked, they jus plug a phone into a laptop and unlock it. usually costs £5. although about ur other situation, o2 i think although most phones nowadays are locked down
Reply:well u can put any sim card in the fone as long as it doent have the network logo on, but if u need 2 unlock it go down to ur local market and ask any fone ppl they its normal about £5-10 but they u can put any sim in then so if u sell it on u can get that bit more coz it on any net work hope that (most contract fone are open net works any way coz ma ma mum old phone ma bro got a Orange in and it was o2 contract phone)
Reply:T-mobile and At%26amp;t/Cingular.

There are of course two types of these cards utilizing different types of programming.

There really are only two wireless companies in the US that use sim cards; they are T-Mobile and AT%26amp;T/Cingular Wireless. These companies are referred to as GSM carriers.

All most all other carriers in the US do not use the GSM technology that uses a sim card. These carriers are called CDMA carriers and they include the following:

1. Verizon Wireless 2. Sprint PCS Wireless 3. Alltel Wireless 4. US Cellular 5. Cricket 6. Metro PCS 7. QWest

If you have a cell phone account with a CDMA carrier like Verizon, your phone does not use a sim card and will not work with one. Sim cards only work with GSM phones.
Reply:better if you will ask to the company's care center yourself
Reply:Most phones you get with contracts are locked to that particular network. You can get some that aren't and most that you buy SIM card free can be used on any network. If your going abroad your best bet is to call your current provider and ask them if they have any sister companies in the country your going to and when you get there buy one of their cards. Some of the more globally minded networks like Hutchinson 3G mobile have what they call 'like home networks' where you can use you English contract handset, Sim and Min's the same as if you were stood in UK making a call. This is because they have the same network in many different counties so don't charge huge international rates.

When I go abroad I always buy a pre pay SIM card for a local network. You can pick up a new generic (not branded) quad band mobile for about £30 nowadays and away you go
Reply:you'd need to get your phone unlocked to any network. Most town have a little kiosk where they sell mobile phone accessories and the majority of such kiosks will unlock your phone, cost anywhere between £5 and £15 depending on where you go.

Phones locked to T Mobile are able to use a Virgin Mobile SIM card because Virgin 'piggy backs' on T Mobile's network becuse they do not have their own.

Ive been lucky because when I went for my new phone contract a couple of months ago, I wanted an Orange one but they didnt have any left so they had to give me a SIM free one, meaning its unlocked to any network.

If you're still struggling with getting the phone unlocked then just google it, that should bring up some info for you.

I hope that helps poppet

And enjoy the travelling!xxxx

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